Sheet Music

Sheet Music

LATEST UPDATE June 1, 2024

New: CACC Song for June: Overcoat Polka




May: Que Sera Sera (What Ever Will Be Will Be)

April: Once Upon A Sunday

March: Let’s Have A Party Polka

February: Annie’s Waltz

January: Please Marie Don’t Cry

December: How Far Is Heaven

November: Beautiful Youth Waltz

October: Heartaches by the Number FT (G & D)

September: Segeltown Polka


Note: The CACC All Music Index Files have been updated to include all songs through December 2023.

12/07/2023 ALL CACC MUSIC INDEX THRU DECEMBER 2023 (13 pages).


TIP: You can search for Music Titles using keyboard ctl+f  then enter your search for a song on Lower Left



 Note: We periodically make corrections to current songs on the Web. You can find songs that have been

changed since originally being published by scanning through the Songs.

Look to the right of the songs for the date the Web was updated. (revision date)

Overcoat Polka updated 6/4/2024

Rainbow Valley Polka updated 1/13/2024




3M Polka PDF


A JA SAM Polka D & G PDF

Aber Dich PDF

Alpine Delight Waltz PDF

All I Have To Do Is Dream (4/4)   PDF

Amazing Grace PDF

America The Beautiful PDF

America The Beautiful  (easy) PDF

Andy’s Polka PDF

Angel Polka PDF

Angels We Have Heard On  High PDF

Angeline Be Mine Polka PDF

Angry Fox Trot PDF

Angry D (CW) PDF (03/17/2014)

Angry D & G (CW) PDF

Annie’s Waltz PDF

Anytime Fox Trot PDF

Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie Polka PDF

Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie Polka PDF  (11/08/2022)

Around The Moon Polka PDF

At The Dance Waltz PDT

At The Spring Waltz PDT

Auntie’s Waltz PDF  (10/27/2017)

Away In A Manger PDF

Baby Doll Polka PDF  (9/8/2017)

Barbara Polka in D PDF   (8/02/2009)

Barbara Polka in D & G PDF (8/02/2009)

Beautiful Brown Eyes PDF (8/01/2009)

Beautiful Rose PDF

Beautiful Youth Waltz PDF

Beer Barrel Polka PDF (4/09/2018)

Beer Barrel Polka Updated PDF (5/09/2020)

Beer and Pretzels Polka PDF

Before I Met You PDF (7/12/2009)

Before I Met You G PDF

Black Crow Polk D & G PDF

Black Hawk Waltz PDF

Blackboard of My Heart PDF  (01/04/2014)

Blacksmith Waltz PDF

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (fox trot) PDF (8/02/2009)

Blue Skirt Waltz Part PDF (9/17/2009)

Bobbie’s Polka  PDF

Borsicanka Polka  PDF

Bouquet of Roses (fox trot) PDF

Brides Waltz  PDF

Broken Down Merry-Go Round Waltz PDF

Broken Down Merry-Go Round Waltz  PDF  (10/04/2022)

Broken Hearted Polka PDF

Bud’s Polka PDF

Butterfly Dance PDF

Bye Bye Baby Polka  PDF  (01/14/2014) added harmony+minor change

Bye Bye Love PDF

Caissons Go Rolling Along PDF

Carol’s Waltz PDF  (6/16/2014)

Cherry Polka PDF

Chicago Waltz PDF  (7/20/2014)

Cold, Cold Heart PDF

Concertina Left Hand Chords PDF

Corn Cockle Polka PDF

Could I Have This Dance  (fox trot) PDF

Crystal Chandelier (Country) PDF (08/14/2013)

Daffodil Waltz PDF

Dance Hall Polka PDF

Dance Little Bird PDF (8/15/2009)

Das Kufstein Lied  PDF

Deer Waltz  PDF

Dog House Polka  PDF

Don’t Cry Anna Polka PDF (6/11/2014)

Down in the Valley PDF

Dreamers Waltz   PDF

Drink Your Troubles Away PDF

Dutchman’s (Laendler No. 6) Waltz PDF


Dutch Boy Waltz PDF

Echoes In The Hills Waltz PDF  (09/15/2013)

Eddies Waltz PDF

Edelweiss PDF (3/26/2013)

Ei Ei Oh PolkaPDF   (7/20/2014)

Ein Prosit  PDF

Elsie’s Waltz PDF

El-Rio-Drive Polka PDF

Ellen Polka  PDF (6/21/2014)

Farmers Polka  PDF

Five Foot Two (fox trot) PDF (12/17/2010)

Flasher On The Rhine Polka  PDF

Flying Goose Polka PDF  (08/24/2014)

Footsteps Walking With Me PDF

Forever and Ever Waltz PDF  (03/04/2018)

Four Leaf Clover Fox Trot PDF

Fraulein PDF (9/07/2009)

Gary’s Polka PDF

Gary’s Polka  2 Part Harmony PDF (12/07/2013)

God Bless America (G)  PDF

God Bless America (D)  PDF

Gold Dust Polka PDF

Golden Star Polka PDF

Good Night Irene PDF

Good Night Irene (new version)  PDF (10/21/2014)

Good Night Ladies PDF

Green Meadow Waltz PDF

Greet The Folks At Home Waltz  PDF

Guido Polka PDF

Happy Anniversary (CW) PDF

Happy Birthday PDF (5/01/2010)

Happy Joe Waltz PDF

Hard To Get PDF

Hard To Get Polka PDF   (10/20/2020)

Harvest Time Schottische PDF

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You PDF (8/17/2009)

Heartaches By The Number FT PDF

Heartaches By The Number G & D FT PDF (7/09/2023)

Helena Polka (simple version) PDF (6/22/2014)

Helena Polka (traditional version) PDF (6/22/2014)

Helinka Waltz PDF (4/12/2014)

Here Comes Santa Claus PDF

Hobo Polka PDF (8/03/2009)

Home Coming Waltz PDF

Honey Bee Waltz PDF (10/21/2014)

Hopeless Polka  PDF

How Far Is Heaven PDF

How Great Thou Art  PDF

Hunters Waltz – Duet PDF

Huntsman Waltz  PDF

I Am Yours Polka PDF

I Can’t Help It Fox Trot – PDF

I Love You Because Fox Trot PDF

I Walk The Line PDF (8/15/2009)

I Want A Girl PDF

I Wouldn’t Change You If  I Could PDF

If I Were A Bird PDF

I’ll Be All Smiles PDF

In Heaven There is No Beer PDF

In The Concertina Mood (4/4)   PDF

In The Garden Hymm  PDF

Innocence Waltz PDF

Insbruck Waltz PDF

Isabella Waltz PDF

It’s A Small World PDF

Jealous Heart (fox trot) PDF

Jingle Bells PDF

Johan Pa Snippen PDF

Johny’s Knockin Polka PDF

Jolly Coppersmith Polka PDF

Jolly Old St. Nicholas PDF

Joy To The World  PDF

Julida Polka D & G  PDF

Just A Closer Walk With Thee  PDF

Just Because  PDF

Katarina Polka PDF

Kim Marie PDF

Kinder Polka PDF

Lakeside Waltz v1 PDF

Lakeside Waltz v2 PDF

Lapp Land Polka  PDF  (11/05/2017)

Lazy Farmers Waltz PDF

LeRoy’s Polka PDF

Let Me Call You Sweetheart PDF

Let the Sun Shine In PDF

Let’s Have A Party PDF

Lillies In The Moonlight Waltz PDF

Lindenau PDF

Little Brown Jug PDF

Little Fisherman’s Waltz PDF

Lover’s Waltz PDF

Lucille Waltz PDF

Ma He’s/She’s Is Making Eyes at Me  FT PDF

Marie Fox Trot PDF   (7/16/2012)

Mariechen Waltz   PDF

Marjanko Waltz (G) PDF  (6/2/2014)

Marjanko Waltz (D & G)   PDF

May You Never Be Alone Fox Trot  PDF

Memories Are Precious Waltz PDF

Midnight Waltz PDF (11/25/2008)

Military Service Medley’s PDF

Minneapolis Polka PDF

Minnesota Polka PDF

Monkey Polka PDF

Moonlight Waltz PDF

Morning Glow Waltz PDF

Musicians Come and Play Polka PDF

My Bonnie PDF

My Heart Waltz PDF

My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You – Fox Trot PDF

My Wife She is Happy Polka   PDF

My Wild Irish Rose PDF

New California Polka PDF

New Prague School Song PDF

New Ulm Waltz (simle version) PDF

New Ulm Waltz (traditional) PDF

No Beer On Sunday PDF (01/21/2014)  

Nobody’s Darlin’ Waltz PDF

Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine Waltz PDF   (11/10/2022)

North South East West Polka PDF

Notre Dame Victory March PDF

O Christmas Tree Waltz PDF

O Come All Ye Faithfull PDF

O Come Little Children PDF

OH Susanna Schottishche PDF (9/23/2008)

Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone PDF

Oklahoma  Waltz  PDF

On Top of Old Smokey PDF

Once Upon A Sunday  PDF

One Day  At A Time  PDF     (7/04/2018)

Orphan Waltz PDF

Our Mike Polka PDF

Out Behind the Barn PDF

Over Three Hills Waltz PDF

Overcoat Polka PDF       6/04/2024

Pa Pa The Old Accordion Man  PDF

Paper Roses Fox Trot PDF

Pearly Shells Fox Trot PDF

Playmates PDF

Playmore Waltz PDF

Please Marie Don’t You Cry Fox TROT PDF

Polish Girl Friend Polka PDF (5/15/2009)

Pond Lily Waltz PDF

Praha Polka in G PDF

Praha Polka in D PDF

Pretty Dancing Girl Polka PDF(1/5/2017)

Prune Song PDF     (4/25/2017)

Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (fox trot) PDF

Que Sera Sera (What Ever Will Be Will  Be) PDF

Rainbow Valley Polka PDF    (01/13/2024)

Ramlin’ Rose & Release Me PDF

Red Apple Polka PDF

Red Handkerchief Waltz PDF (5/15/2009)

Red Head Polka in D PDF

Red Head Polka in D (w/optional right side) PDF

Red Head Polka in D (with second part in A added) PDF

Red Raven Polka PDF

Red River Valley D & G  PDF

Red River Valley PDF

Red Rose Polka PDF

Red Wine, White Kolacky Polka PDF

Red Wing Polka in A PDF

Red Wing Polka in G PDF

Rock and Roll Waltz PDF

Rosalinda Waltz PDF

Round and Round Polka   PDF

Rudolph the Red Nosed Rain Deer PDF

San Antonio Rose PDF

Sailor PDF


Schnapps Polks PDF

Send Me The Pillow You Dream On PDF

Seven Days Without You PDF

Sigeltown Polka PDF

Silk Umbrella Polka PDF

Silver Bells PDF

Sioux City Sue Fox Trot PDF

Smile Sweetheart Smile Waltz PDF

Snow Waltz PDF

Snow Waltz Traditional Version PDF  (12/15/2014)

Snow (Schnee Waltzer) Waltz (Johnny B Version)  PDF  (11/30/2014)

So Ein Tag (Such A Day) Waltz PDF

Somebody Else Is Taking My Place PDF

Song Of Bohemia Waltz PDF

Starlight Waltz (simple version) PDF

Starlight Waltz (traditional version) PDF

Susie Polka – Standard Version PDF

Susie Polka – Easy Version PDF

Swedish Waltz (Life In The Finnish Woods) PDF

Sweet Nearness Of You Fox Trot PDF

Sweet Violets Waltz PDF (12/02/2013)

Swing Waltz PDF

Swiss Boy Waltz PDF

Take These Chains PDF

Tennessee Waltz PDF

The First Noel d PDF

The First Noel g PDF

The Happy Wanderer Polka PDF

The Old Rugged Cross PDF

Tinker Polka PDF (8/16/2009)

Tiny Bubbles PDF

Two Roses Waltz (original CACC version) PDF (7/25/2014)

Two Roses Waltz PDF (9/16/2013)

Up On The Housetop PDF

Village Tavern Polka PDF (7/20/2014)

Waltz Across Texas Waltz PDF

Waltzing In The Woods Waltz PDF (7/20/2009)

Waltz of the Angel’s PDF

Waltz Time Waltz PDF (8/15/2009)

We Wish You A Merry Christmas PDF

Westphalia Waltz PDF

Wheelbarrow Polka  PDF

When The Snow Is On The Roses  Fox Trot PDF

When We Parted Waltz PDF

Whispering Hope Waltz PDF

White Christmas PDF (12/06/2010)

White Sport Coat & Pink Carnation PDF

Wooden Heart  PDF

Yankee Waltz PDF

Yellow Bird  PDF

You and Me PDF (8/15/2009)

You Are My Sunshine PDF (09/17/2008)

You Can’t Be True Dear PDF

Your Cheat’in Heart PDF

Sing Along Words To Many Songs PDF

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