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Dues are only $15 a year for an individual or $20 for a family, payable each January.

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What are the benefits of joining the CACC?

– Friendship.
– A chance to share their experiences.
– Learn from other players, get tips.
– Learn the history of the instrument.
– Participate in performance opportunities for beginning and experienced players.
– Newsletter and free concertina arrangements each month.
– Get clean, easy to read and play concertina music.
– Meet some of the greatest players in the state.
– Meet the top concertina builders and repairman in the world.

After you join, practice the music listed on this site and then just come and play.

You can’t imagine how wonderful it is to hear 40 or 50 concertinas playing together. If you only know the left hand part, come anyway. This whole club is open to helping and encouraging beginners. Play what you know.

Solo opportunities. Our better players sign up to play solos and club meetings.  This is a good goal for beginners.  It may take years, but it’s a great motivator. Join the CACC and you will become a better player.

But I don’t live in Minnesota. That’s OK. Not everyone can live here. We understand. Visit when you can. The Mall of America and a host of other attractions are only 30 minutes north of New Prague. They provide a great excuse to come and visit.

To join, just make checks payable to:
Czech Area Concertina Club.

Pay at the Club Meeting or mail check and form.

Click Here for Registration/Renewal Form


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